The 2nd edition of Foundations of Fuzzy Control has the subtitle A Practical Approach. The textbook emphasizes the practical approach as opposed to new theoretical developments.

Second edition, September 2013.

The 2nd edition contains the new chapters Gain Scheduling ControlFuzzy Models, and Demonstration Examples. Furthermore, the chapter Performance and Relative Stability describes a new procedure for setting the parameters of a PID controller. Click to see its table of contents

Fuzzy gain scheduling is a straightforward extension of the usual PID type controllers in the sense that fuzzy rules can interpolate naturally between PID controllers. The demonstration chapter includes five larger examples that can be used as teaching modules. The chapter on performance reaches farther than mere analysis, that is, it presents a design method that starts from specifications of settling time and overshoot percentage.

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See also the review of the first edition by Reza Langari,

  • Langari R 2007 Book Review —  Jan Jantzen,  Foundations of Fuzzy Control. Artificial Intelligence 171, 1116-1117.

See the Download page for corrections and slides for the book.

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